Our Range of Building Stone delivered throughout Ireland

Standard White Sandstone (cut faced):

This is a bright coloured building stone and is one of our most popular products at Drumkeerin Stone. It is a white sandstone with tones of cream, gold and grey with occasional speckled brown spots which is unique to Drumkeerin Stone and only found in this area.

Random sandstone sizes Entrance area on sandstone house wall building sandstone delivered in Ireland on pallets or by lorry load

Guillotined Fire Place Stone:

This beautiful fire place stone is the same colour as the standard stone, however it is cut to a higher quality and a maximum of five inches in thickness. The fire place stone varies in lengths and height and built into bags to maximise coverage. The stone is most suitable for use as fireplace, internal walls, windows and door surrounds, low garden walls and piers.

Stone for building fireplaces Cut fireplace stonefireplace stone delivered on a pallet

Corner Stone:

Corner stone are manufactured from the natural flag stone beds at the Quarry. It is then guillotined by our experienced operators to 18 inches long and 9 inches high and varies in thickness between 5 and 8 inches with flat finish surface. Colours are mainly light grey, cream and occasional brown.

Corner stones by the pallet load Corner stone deliveredCorner stones for Piers

Cut Random (block stone):

Similar in appearance to our corner stone only in smaller sizes, this stone is guillotined on all sides with a flat finish similar to concrete blocks only in random sizes. The stone is then built in bags to maximise coverage. The stone is mainly light grey and cream in colour with occasional golden brown.

Cut Stone in random sizes for garden walls Building Stone for garden wallsCut Stone in random sizes bagged on a palletBuilding Stone for garden wallsBuilding Stone for garden walls

Cream Brown Sandstone (natural face):

Cream brown Leitrim sandstone is extracted out from the quarry face in its most natural state, this warm stone is then handpicked through the picking station. Stones that are too large are then guillotined to useable sizes. This cream brown sandstone is a mixture of handpicked natural random building stone and guillotined which gives the unique Leitrim stunning colours of golden brown, cream and light greys.

Cream sandstone for building Chimney in cream sandstoneRandom natural cream sandstone Natural sandstone delivered in Ireland

Random Rubble:

Machine picked random rubble is carefully selected at Drumkerrin Stone by experienced excavator operators. This stone varies in thickness and size and is more suitable to clients who have their own guillotines on site.

Sandstone wall built from random sizes Random sandstone sizes on garden wallRandom sandstone sizes on garden wall

Crazy Paving Stone:

Drumkeerin Stone also provides crazy paving comprising of random shapes and sizes with a natural mixture of Leitrim sandstone colours. (Also used as levellers in walls and low garden walls)

Indian Paving Stone:

This product can be sourced for all you patio needs. The Indian paving stones can also be used as wall capping to match our sandstone in colour.

Cut Building Stone in 1 tonne bags

Random sizes Loose by the Lorry Load

Building Stone Random sandstone sizes

Paving Stone

Indian Paving Stone

Sandstone Paving Stone Indian Paving sandstone